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What is a Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan is, as the name would imply, a plan to maintain the physical appearance and condition of your vehicle. Simply put, it’s a regular detail, at a regular price, on a regular basis. It seems obvious to maintain our health, our houses, and even our relationships, but when it comes to regular, preventative maintenance our vehicles seem to fall by the wayside. Whether you are a mom constantly chauffeuring your children all over town to whatever actives they may have, a high-end car owner looking to uphold the flawless condition of your weekend driver, or just someone who enjoys driving a clean car on a daily basis, a maintenance plan is exactly the solution you’re looking for.

A few of the obvious benefits to being a part of our Maintenance Plan include the considerable savings on each detail, the time saved not having to wait in line for a “detail” that always leaves you wanting more, and the assurance your vehicle is always clean. But did you know that regular maintenance of your vehicle can greatly increase the resale value? Your vehicle is an investment, whether the return is financial or a value of use, why not protect it?

What are the benefits of a Maintenance Plan?

How to get in on the savings

To join our Maintenance Plan, a Gold Detail is the first step. After receiving your initial service, you can choose between one of our maintenance schedules designed to uphold the superb level of perfection previously achieved. The plan you choose depends generally on 1. How often the car is driven. 2. What best fits your schedule. 3. How particular you are about your vehicles appearance. One of the best features of our plans is the flexibility in both scheduling and pre-payments. If you’re like me and enjoying having your schedule planned as far in advance as possible, we offer pre-paid plans. This allows you to make one lump sum payment, schedule your maintenance details, and enjoy the benefits without a second thought. As with the rest of the detailing services we offer here at Upcountry Luxe Detailing, convenience and quality are our top priorities. All of our Maintenance Plans are performed at your location so we can bring the quality service you expect directly to you.

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